꩜ CITRUS ...!

they them zZz 16 y/o
sicilian + viet %%
. . . 🥟 nb, bi, aries, intp

?! BYF . . ★ i mostly talk/tweet abt johnny and nct, masc and fem terms are okay, i curse a lot, i'm mentally ill, sometimes ia, i'm bad at opening dms

%% LIKES.. shinee, sulli, johnny suh, friends, cats, dogs, women, milk tea,

%% DISLIKES.. snakes, most stays/armies, most men, jumpscares, spiders

die and kys jokes OK! if we are friends


basic dni, -13/21+ (moots OK!), stan bts only, shinee ot4, mcyttwt, yt cishets, racist

joh... john... johnny my beloved....

## MORE iNFO !

when i'm upset, i tend to randomly shut people out, it isn't your fault, please be patient with me.talking about me when I'm not present and/or making fun of me (without my consent) makes me extremely uncomfortable, joking or not. sudden changes in mood will freak me out, please don't do that without explanation.my mental health is constantly rocky. my own changes in mood may be because of it. more likely than not, i am not upset at you

ed/food/suicide talk, abuse of any kind, brutality, gore, dec 18

it is never my intention to hurt anyone, if i do, please talk to me privately, however, i will always put my own comfort first.


insta: citrusballz
main insta: alysonkielty
trading acc: citrustrades
twt: ioljjong
roblox: kkaworu
discord: citrus#8922

!? KPOP . . .

GROUPS. . shinee, nct, iz*one, exo, f(x), aespa, red velvet, girl's generationULTS. . seo youngho, lee taeyong, choi jinri, kim jonghyun, jang wonyoung, kim chaewon