꩜ CITRUS ...!

they he zZz 15 y/o
sicilian + viet %%
. . . 🥟 nb, bi, aries, intp

?! BYF . . ★ i mostly talk/tweet abt shinee, masc and fem terms are okay, i curse a lot, i'm mentally ill, sometimes ia, i'm bad at opening dms

%% LIKES.. shinee, sulli, johnny suh, friends, cats, dogs, women, milk tea,

%% DISLIKES.. snakes, calling me a girl, most men, jumpscares, spiders

die and kys jokes OK! if we are friends


basic dni, -13/21+ (moots OK!), stan bts only, shinee ot4, mcyttwt, yt cishets, racist, invalidate neos & he/him lesbians

dennise, aaron, valentine, grace, linsday, nikayla, zach, sam, hobi, kayla, luca, bella

## MORE iNFO !

when i'm upset, i tend to randomly shut people out, it isn't your fault, please be patient with me.

talking about me when I'm not present and/or making fun of me (without my consent) makes me extremely uncomfortable, joking or not. sudden changes in mood will freak me out, please don't do that without explanation.

i struggle a lot with my gender identity, do not call me a girl.

ed/food/suicide talk, abuse of any kind, brutality, gore, dec 18

it is never my intention to hurt anyone, if i do, please talk to me privately, however, i will always put my own comfort first.


insta: luvhagumi
twt: ioljjong
vent twt: luvhagumi
roblox: kkaworu
discord: citrus#4444
bandori: 5903401
jp bandori: 118600765

!? KPOP . . .

GROUPS. . shinee, nct 127, twice, iz*one, exo, bts, tomorrow x together, red velvet, girl's generation

ULTS. . choi jinri, kim jonghyun, lee taemin, jang wonyoung, kim chaewon, seo youngho, mark lee